Glycolic Acid Serums

Perfect Image Glycolic Acid 50% Gel Peel – Review

Perfect Image Glycolic Acid Gel peel 50 percentThis is a very strong chemical gel that should be used only after you have used lower percentage chemical peels, so that you don’t damage your skin. It is ideal for anyone who has tried the weaker peels and have found that their pores are still blocks and their pigmentation problems have not been resolved.

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Serious Skin Care Glycolic Acid Serum Review

Serious skin care glycolic acid serum - alpha hydroxy acid serumThis serum helps to exfoliate your skin and bring a natural glow back to your complexion. Along with natural fruit extracts, this glycolic acid serum helps to reduce pigmentation, age spots and sun spots and give your skin a more natural, even tone. Your skin looks healthier, fresher and more youthful.

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Sublime Beauty Glycolic Acid Serum Review

Sublime Beauty Glycolic Acid Serum - alpha hydroxy acidThe Sublime Beauty glycolic acid serum exfoliates your skin, removes dead skin cells and unclogs pores. It also can help to heal and prevent acne, reduce oily skin, minimize hyper-pigmentation and age spots and so evens out your skin tone. Your skin looks healthier, cleaner and fresher.

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