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best vitamin C serum


Are you searching for the best vitamin C serum for your sun damaged skin?

Well, on this page, I have listed all of my vitamin C serum reviews, so you can easily select the best vitamin C serum at a glance.

All of these serums have vitamin C as their first key ingredient and so are serums that have potent antioxidant properties, which are perfect if you have sun damaged skin or slight discolorations, such as sun spots or age spots.


Vitamin C Serum Comparison Table

Read ReviewTop Customer ReviewsAmazon RatingEditors ScoreOverall ScoreRating
Nicci Marie Vitamin C Serum100.04.998.09.861
Radha Vitamin C Serum96.04.996.09.642
Valentia Vitamin C Serum94.34.894.09.483
Salvere Vitamin C Serum95.64.792.09.454
Vitl Vitamin C Serum94.04.792.09.395
Natureful Vitamin C Serum92.34.789.09.186
NutraNuva Face Food92.04.690.59.107
Poppy Austin Vitamin C Serum89.94.690.09.008
Amara Vitamin C Serum87.64.587.08.859
ArtNaturals Vitamin C Serum88.04.487.08.6010
Azure Vitamin C Serum83.04.483.08.4811
YEOUTH Vitamin C Serum83.
Serumtologie Vitamin C Serum82.84.483.08.4713
OZ Naturals Vitamin C Serum81.64.382.08.3214
Alina Skincare Vitamin C Review95.04.663.08.2015
Cosmedica Vitamin C Serum82.04.481.08.1516
New Radiance Vitamin C Serum73.
Avalon Vitamin C Serum70.


Have you found the best vitamin C serum for your skin yet?

To help you on your journey, I have rated each vitamin C serum on the following criteria:

  • Top Customer Reviews: Out of all the customer reviews, this is the percentage who gave that particular serum a 4 or 5 star rating.
  • Amazon Rating: A score out of 5, which is given to that particular serum by Amazon.
  • Editors Score: This is a combination of the Top Customer Reviews and Amazon Ratings. It also includes a score for whether the serum is paraben free, alcohol free and fragrance free (which are very important to many customers) and whether the serum is suitable for vegans.

This score is then given as a percentage of the maximum score attainable for any serum and is called the Editors Score. Some of these serums may well be free of these additives, however unless they clearly state this on the web page, I have taken that as a negative.

  • Overall Score: This is a combination of the 3 previous scores and is out of a maximum of 10 points.
  • Rating: The ratings are then based on the overall score and are listed from the best vitamin C serum down to the lesser rated serums.


Why are vitamin C serums so good for your skin?

best vitamin C serum

As you know, antioxidants help to reverse the signs of aging by fighting the damage caused to your skin by free radicals.

Serums that have vitamin C as their first key ingredient help to even out your skin tone, minimize age spots and dark spots on your skin and give your skin a much more youthful glow.

The addition of hyaluronic acid to these serums gives you the best of both worlds – powerful antioxidants and a super blast of deep hydration.

In the comparison table above, you will see the top rated and best vitamin C serum, all the way down to the lower rated vitamin C serums.

Over time, as more people buy these vitamin C serums and add their comments, the ratings will obviously change – so I will keep these reviews updated for you on a monthly basis.

This saves you from doing all the leg work and trying to compare the many different serums yourself. Instead, you can simply look at the overall scores and ratings, select a review to read and pick the best vitamin C serum for your skin.

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