Glycolic Acid Serums


Glycolic Acid Serum Reviews - Table Comparisons


On this page, I have listed all of my glycolic acid serum reviews.

All of these serums have glycolic acid as one of their main ingredients and are serums that have strong exfoliating properties.


Glycolic Acid Serum Comparison Table

Read ReviewTop Customer ReviewsAmazon RatingEditors ScoreOverall ScoreRating
Sublime Beauty Glycolic Acid Serum Review98.24.997.09.71
Cosmetic Resurfacing Glycolic Acid Serum Review86.44.484.08.62
Alpha Hydrox Glycolic Acid Serum Review86.04.485.08.63
Joyal Beauty Glycolic Acid Serum Review83.34.583.08.54
Organica Glycolic Acid Serum Review82.24.580.08.45
Serious Skin Care Glycolic Acid Serum Review81.04.578.08.36
Watts Beauty Glycolic Acid Serum Review69.43.968.07.17

Each of these glycolic acid serums has been rated on the following criteria:


Top Customer Reviews: This is a score taken from all of the customer reviews for that glycolic acid product, who gave this serum a 4 or 5 star rating out of 5.

Amazon Rating: This is a score out of 5, given to that glycolic acid serum by Amazon.

Editors Rating: This is a combination of the Top Customer Review scores and the Amazon Ratings. It also includes scores for whether the glycolic acid serum contains parabens, alcohol or fragrances and whether or not it is suitable for vegans.


As you know glycolic acid is a member of the alpha hydroxy acid family, which are water soluble acids and are popular in many skin care products. Don’t confuse these acids with those in domestic cleaning products or in industrial acids, because they are known as weak acids and are safe to use in cosmetics products.

Read more about the safety of alpha hydroxy acids and glycolic acid here.


Youth serum reviewsGlycolic acid products are a great addition to your daily beauty routine as they keep your skin looking bright and fresh, by removing all of those dead cells which block up our skin and make it look dull and tired.



In the comparison table you will see all of the glycolic acid serums that I have reviewed so far. The top rated glycolic acid serums are at the top and the lower rated serums further down.

I will keep the reviews and these ratings up-to-date for you, so you always know which are the best rated at any given time. This means that you don’t have to go to the trouble of trying to compare different glycolic acid serums yourself, because I have done all of the leg work for you.

I have just started reviewing these glycolic acid serums, so there will be more here very soon!