Vitamin C Facial Serums – My Top 10 Picks


Vitamin C - top 10 picks


  1. Nicci Marie Vitamin C Serum
  2. Radha Vitamin C Facial Serum
  3. Valentia Vitamin C Serum
  4. Salvere 20% Vitamin C Serum
  5. Vitl 25% vitamin C Facial Serum
  6. Natureful Vitamin C
  7. Poppy Austin Serum
  8. Amara organics Vitamin C Serum
  9. Azure Naturals C Serum
  10. Serumtologie Vitamin C Serum


Vitamin C facial serums are one of those skin care products that delivers exactly what they promise – they repair and renew your cells, help to stimulate the production of collagen in your tissues, attack free radicals in your cells, counters many effects of sun damage to your skin and reduces hyper-pigmentation.

As vitamin C is chocked full of antioxidants, it can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your skin. It is no exaggeration to say that if you apply a vitamin c serum to the skin on your face you will find that in a very short period of time, your skin will start to look clearer, brighter and healthier, with less visible age spots or sun spots.

There plenty of benefits to using vitamin C facial serums, making this serum a very worthwhile addition to your daily beauty routine. Even Dr Oz states that your skin will look much more youthful if you apply vitamin C topically to your face and neck areas.

So here are my top 10 recommended vitamin C facial serums:

1.   Nicci Marie Vitamin C Serum

Nicci Marie - Vitamin C Facial SerumOne of the reasons that this is at the top of my list of vitamin C facial serums is because customers really love this serum. On Amazon it has a 4.5 overall rating with nearly 90% of all reviewers giving it 4 or 5 stars.

The other fab feature of this vitamin C serum is that it contains a powerful 20% vitamin C, as well as hyaluronic acid for super hydration and L-Arginine for improved skin texture and appearance. It is also free from parabens and sulfates, is made in the USA and is not tested on animals.

This serum comes in an airless pump, which not only looks fabulous, but as it protects the vitamin C serum from the air, it also extends the life of the serum. So if you are looking for a good collagen serum, then the Nicci Marie Serum should be at the top of your list as well.

What do customers have to say about the Nicci Marie Vitamin C Serum?

LOVE this Product….I use this Vitamin C Serum in combination with Nicci Marie Anti-Aging Moisturizing Cream with Matrixyl and I love these products.

This new Nicci Marie Vitamin C Serum makes my skin feel like SILK.

I definitely recommend this product along with all Nicci Marie Skincare products.

Makes the skin very soft and smooth! Go ahead and buy this, you won’t be disappointed.



2.   Radha Vitamin C Serum

Radha Vitamin C serum for faceThe Radha vitamin C serum also contains a clinical strength 20% vitamin C, as well as 10% hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, both of which are powerful moisturizers.

MSM helps to keep your skin lovely and clear, witch hazel reduces the oil in your skin and jojoba oil helps to maintain the suppleness in your skin.

Then there is Aloe which helps to reduce inflammation and heal your skin and since it also contains lots of antioxidants, you have a double shot of free radical fighting power. It is also an organic vitamin c serum, free from parabens, alcohol, phthalates, artificial colors and fragrances, is cruelty free and suitable for vegans.

To top all of this, this facial serum comes in a big 2oz bottle which is great value for money.

What do customers have to say about the Radha vitamin C Serum?

This vitamin C serum is great!

I used it on my entire face. It made my skin feel soft and smooth!

I noticed the lines around my eyes lessen to the point of nearly being nonexistent. My skin also looks better… healthier. It looks younger.

My skin is much brighter and more radiant than before. Maybe it’s the quality of ingredients or something I have no idea, but regardless, this is my new favorite high quality vitamin C serum.



3.   Valentia Vitamin C Serum Review

best vitamin C facial serumsThis 20% vitamin C facial serum contains organic rosehip oil and organic sea buckthorn oil, as well as green tea, hyaluronic acid and plant stem cells.

All of these ingredients together work to even out your skin tone and reduce any hyper-pigmentation, age spots and dark spots on your skin.

This serum also revitalizes your skin, giving it a lovely healthy glow, reducing fine lines, plumping up your skin and giving you a smoother and fresher complexion.

It is made in the USA, is free from parabens, alcohol and perfumes, is cruelty free and comes with a lifetime guarantee!

What do customers have to say about the Valentia vitamin C Serum?

The results are almost immediate. My fine lines have diminished to almost nothing and my face is so smooth. My skin tone is even and my laugh lines are almost gone.

I use this product at night under my moisturizer and use it all over my face and neck. Its fast absorbing and leaves no oily greasy residue.

It’s like the sunshine’s glowing right off my face. So yes, it’s become a must. This is great for dark circles. I press it on to my skin and everyone I know notices how radiant my skin looks. It’s my secret serum !


4.   Salvere Vitamin C Serum

Salvere Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid SerumWith 20% vitamin C, vitamins C and E, Ferulic acid, hyaluronic acid, aloe and licorice this facial vitamin C serum is packed with nourishing ingredients.

The result is that your skin looks much plumper and more refined, you have fewer fine lines and wrinkles, and sun damage and hyper-pigmentation are minimized.

Your skin is repaired, revitalized and refreshed, leaving you with a bright, healthy and more youthful, radiant complexion. This is a very popular vitamin C serum with lots of nourishing antioxidants and is great value for money.

 What do customers have to say about the Salvere vitamin C Serum?

This Vitamin C Serum is every bit as good as what I paying for vitamin C Serum at the plastic surgeon’s office!

I’ve been using this product for a couple of weeks now and I’ve noticed a difference in my skin so much that I’ve ordered some of the other products as well.

I had heavy wrinkles and frown lines as well as very dry skin and this has made a huge difference!! I am on my 2nd bottle and will continue to buy this. My skin is smoother, more supple and lines have diminished greatly!!

I am 30 and seeing my skin age has not been easy. This helps me feel as though I am doing the best for my skin.


5.   Vitl Vitamin C Facial Serum

best vitamin c facial serumWith a whopping 25% vitamin C serum, the Vitl serum contains lots of antioxidants and luscious ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, tripeptide 7, thyme, aloe, chamomile and passion flowers.

All of these fabulous anti-aging ingredients help to stimulate collagen production, reverse the damaging effects of sun exposure, brighten your skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and reduce age spots and sun spots as well. Your complexion looks fresher, clearer, plumper, more youthful and simply radiant.

The Vitl vitamin C facial serum is free from parabens, formalin, formaldehyde, phthalates, petro-chemicals, colors and dyes.

What do customers have to say about the Vitl vitamin C Serum?

This is the best product ever!! This is my second bottle of it and I will always use it. My skin looks fabulous.

Without question, this has to be the BEST product for better skin as one ages. . . .I am 68, and just today, someone commented on my skin.

Since I started to use this product, I have noticed a decrease in wrinkles on my neck and face. I highly recommend this product to all ages.

I love this product. I use it with hyaluronic acid. My skin is smoother and has a glow. Great product, great price !



6.   Natureful Vitamin C Serum

fabulous vitamin C facial serumsAnother 20% vitamin C serum with Ferulic acid and hyaluronic acid. This serum focuses mainly on increasing the production of collagen in your skin and in reversing damage caused by the sun or free radicals.

Both vitamin C and Ferulic acid are potent antioxidants, so your skin looks fresher, brighter and healthier.

Hyaluronic acid is a super hydrator and is essential for the production of collagen in your skin. So with a boost in collagen, and maximum hydration, your skin looks plumper and more youthful as well!

 Made in the USA, this is a big 2oz bottle for a low price, adding a lot of value to your beauty routine.

What do customers have to say about the Natureful vitamin C Serum?

Doesn’t break my skin out and my face loves it. The serum makes my skin looks flawless. I love it!!

Truly amazing … I wish I had known years ago about this….It has transformed my skin making it soft and bright, plus my wrinkles are significantly smoother … thanks.

Beautiful results! This serum works well, and quickly. In just a few weeks my fine lines are gone, and my skin is clearer and brighter!

Great for the puffiness around my eyes from little sleep and stress… would get this again!


7.   Poppy Austin Vitamin C Serum

best vitamin C facial serumsWith naturally derived, organic and Free Trade ingredients, the Poppy Austin Vitamin C serum is made in the USA, free from parabens, fillers, artificial colors, alcohol, fragrances and is suitable for vegans.

It is also made in the USA, cruelty free and is not tested on animals.

With hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, aloe vera, gotu kola, horsetail, geranium and dandelion, this serum is a powerful combination of antioxidants, collagen boosters and cellular repair agents.

 Your skin is firmer and brighter with fewer wrinkles and fine lines, sun damage is reversed, and age spots and sun spots minimized. Your complexion looks healthy, radiant and more youthful – and it is great for sensitive skin as well.

What do customers have to say about the Poppy Austin vitamin C Serum?

I’ve had it for about 3 weeks now and I’ve noticed my complexion is smoother, and less blotchy. My pores are much smaller as well.

This product is outstanding! I am 59 years old and have used Vitamin C Serum in the past and this is by far the best. My face feels so soft and pores are getting smaller little by little which is what I needed so badly.

I’m starting to see a good result as my face complexion is becoming brighter and clearer (from acne marks). I have extremely oily and acne-prone skin but this serum works great and doesn’t break me out.


8.   Amara Organics Vitamin C Serum

vitamin C facial serumsThe Amara Organics Vitamin C Serum has a clinical strength 20% vitamin C, plus hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, MSM, witch hazel, jojoba oil, gotu kola, horsetail, geranium, dandelion and vitamin E.

With all of these fabulous ingredients and powerful antioxidants you will see a big difference in your fine lines and wrinkles, and your skin will look plumper, firmer and more supple.

This serum also helps to shrink pores, clear up acne and reduce the appearance of acne scars. All up, your complexion looks healthier, younger and fresher.

What do customers have to say about the Amara Organics vitamin C Serum?

The Amara serum has, in less than three weeks, taken ten years off of my face. Who knows where this will stop?

After one week my skin appeared brighter and more youthful and redness has disappeared as well as some dark spots around my eyes.

I’m 52 and look amazing after a week of this serum . My face had blotches, no moisture, redness, scarring, brown spots and sagging and my own family and friends are telling me I look amazing.



9.   Azure Naturals Vitamin C Serum

Azure Naturals Vitamin C SerumThe Azure Naturals Vitamin C Serum contains a super 22% strength vitamin C, 11% hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, Ferulic acid, an amino complex, Aloe and Jojoba oil.

This serum dramatically boosts the production of collagen in your skin and increases the rate of cellular renewal.

Your skin’s texture looks more refined, firmer and plumper. With consistent use you will see a noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

This serum is also perfect for sun damaged skin and with three of the most powerful anti-oxidants you have an eight-fold antioxidant protection, resulting in a significant improvement in sun damaged skin, and less noticeable age spots and other skin discolorations.  Your skin looks brighter, fresher and more youthful.

What do customers have to say about the Azure Naturals vitamin C Serum?

My face was beginning to show some brown spots, my pores looking big, and in need of that youthful glow. After a week using it morning and night my face looks and feels amazing! My husband noticed a big difference and started using it too! He now looks 10 years younger! We both do!

I love this serum. Vitamin C serums have virtually changed my skin. It’s a lot more moisturized, plumper, and smoother.

I not only notice a difference in my skin but my coworker who is an esthetician wanted to know what I have been using on my face. The only new thing I tried was Azure serum. It makes me look younger and I like the fact that you can use it around the eyes.


10.   Serumtologie Vitamin C Serum

best vitamin C facial serumsWith a clinical strength 22% vitamin C, 5% hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, MSM, Ferulic acid, witch hazel, L-Arginine, Jojoba oil and Aloe Vera this vitamin C facial serum is great value for money.

You have a powerful combination of super oxidants and collagen boosters to give your skin a more youthful, hydrated, firmer and healthier glow.

It does not contain parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, sulfates, synthetic dyes or fragrances and is suitable for vegans, and is made in the USA from natural and organic ingredients.

Serumtologie have an unconditional guarantee and state that you can expect to see visible results in a few weeks and maximum results after 3 months of consistent use.

What do customers have to say about the Serumtologie vitamin C Serum?

Nothing I have used before has made such a difference in my skin tone. My skin just looks better and those lines aren’t as bad as they used to be. Excellent product which I will continue to use.

I am absolutely in love with this product and I will use it for the rest of my life! For the first time in so long, I actually felt confident enough to leave my house without foundation. Men have been flirting with me everywhere I seem to go these days.

In just a few days the texture of my skin has improved DRAMATICALLY!! I have used many other vitamin C serums and this formula leaves my skin hydrated and smoothed whereas others left it feeling dry and tight. I’ve noticed the area around my eyes has fewer fine lines and my skin is overall much smoother and glows from the extra hydration.




Vitamin C Serum reviews


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