Hyaluronic Acid Serums


Hyaluronic Acid Serum Table Comparisons


On this page, I have listed all of my hyaluronic acid serum reviews.

All of these serums have hyaluronic acid as their first key ingredient, but they may also have many other luscious ingredients.


Hyaluronic Acid Serum Comparison Table

Read ReviewTop Customer
Reviews (%)
Amazon RatingEditors ScoreRating
Joyal Beauty Review97.04.697.51
Baie Botanique Review96.04.596.02
MOREA Review95.04.695.03
Foxbrim Review95.04.393.04
Adeline Review94.04.392.55
Azure Review93.04.392.06
Body Merry Review92.04.491.07
Petunia Review92.04.090.58
JK Review91.34.790.09
VoilaVe Review91.04.489.510
Forever Young Serum91.04.389.011
Kiss The Sun Review90.04.488.012
ATAL Review89.04.487.513
SCS Serum Review88.04.287.514
InstaNatural Review87.04.387.015
Ageless Review87.04.187.016
Forlan Serum Review86.04.286.017
YEOUTH Review86.04.185.518
MAX Stem Cell Serum Review85.04.885.019
Courtenaige Review84.04.285.020
Vernal Review84.04.284.021
Natureful Serum Review83.04.383.522
SkinMedica Review82.04.183.023
Cosmedica Review81.04.382.024
OZ Naturals Review80.04.181.025
Nicci Marie Review79.04.080.526
180 Review79.04.080.027
Timeless Review78.04.379.028
Watts Review76.04.178.529
Glynae Review76.04.178.030

Each hyaluronic acid serum has been rated on the following criteria:


  • Top Customer Reviews: This is the percentage of all customer reviews who gave that particular serum a 4 or 5 star rating.
  • Amazon Rating: This is the score out of 5, which is given to this serum by Amazon.
  • Editors Score: This is a combination of the Top Customer Reviews and Amazon Ratings, but also includes whether the serum is free from parabens, alcohol and fragrances (which is very important to many customers) and whether it is suitable for vegans.


This score is then given as a percentage of the maximum score attainable for any serum. It is worth noting that some of the hyaluronic acid serums may well be free of any additives, however unless they categorically state this on their web page, I have taken omissions as a negative.


  • Overall Score: This is a combination of the 3 previous scores and is out of 10. The ratings are then based on the overall score and listed from the top rated hyaluronic acid serum down to the lesser rated serums.

hyaluronic acid products


Some of the hyaluronic acid serums have the same score, but that is just how the cookie crumbles 🙂




If the overall scores are the same, I then rank the serums by the top customer review scores, but they might still have the same scores. Which is no bad thing, because some serums are very similar.

The Amazon ratings, the number of customer reviews and the percentage of customers who give high and low star ratings to each serum will obviously change over time. So I will keep these reviews updated for you on a monthly basis.

This means that you do not have to slog through all of the different hyaluronic acid serums and try to compare them yourself. You can simply look at the ratings, select a review to read and then make your selection.