Does a Dry Complexion Make Your Skin Look Older?


Is your Dry Complexion Aging Your Skin?


Most people believe that a dry complexion gives you wrinkles and

ages your skin and there is some truth to this, but it’s not the whole



It’s not that dry skin actually ages your skin and causes wrinkles, dry

skin just makes the whole situation worse. So to be clear – if you

already have wrinkles or sun damaged skin, a dry complexion can

accentuate these problems and make your skin look older than it

should be for your age.


Which is why beauty experts and skin care professionals keep on

about sun protection and moisturizers – because you need both to

stop your skin aging prematurely.


Let’s take a look at what causes wrinkles and what causes dry skin

and see if we can make this whole subject a little easier to



What causes wrinkles in your skin?


One of the signs of aging is that our skin wrinkles, not just on our face,

but all over our body. The reason our skin wrinkles is because as we

age, our skin looses its ability to produce collagen and elastin, and

also because our skin becomes thinner as well. 


Research has also shown quite clearly that overexposure to UV rays

can make your skin wrinkle prematurely, as can smoking and

environmental pollution.


Now, it goes without saying that each of us ages at a different pace,

usually dependent on our genetics. Some people look absolutely

fabulous at 60 and you wouldn’t believe that they were a day older

than 40! Other people look 60, but are only 40!


So your body ages and your skin wrinkles because of two factors –

your genetics and your lifestyle. Good genetics and clean, healthy

living will help you to look much younger than your real age, while bad

genetics and a poor lifestyle can make you look older than your real



a dry complexion exaccerbates UV damage on your skin


Since you can’t do anything about your genetics, to keep looking as

young as possible, you need to focus on your lifestyle and protecting

your skin against UV rays and environmental pollution.


If you don’t believe that your skin can be prematurely aged by the sun

and other lifestyle factors, check out your backside! Unless you are a

nudist or wear a very revealing swimsuit on the beach, your backside

rarely sees the light of day.


Have you looked? Is the skin on your bum smooth and wrinkle free?

Not ravaged by UV exposure, no age spots or sun spots?


This is what your skin should look like if you had protected it from

external environmental factors and poor lifestyle choices. So in reality,

the skin on your backside is how the skin on your face should look –

clear, smooth and wrinkle free!


What causes dry skin?


So where does a dry complexion come into this picture?

Well, a dry complexion has many different causes, from the cold

temperatures and dry air of the winter season – to your age, genetics

and health. It seems that some people are simply prone to dry skin!


Another big cause of dry skin is when you remove the natural oils

from your skin by using the wrong type of skin care products.

Cleansers that are too harsh can often strip these oils from your skin,

making your skin very dry and itchy.


Dry complexion and aging skin


How does a dry complexion make wrinkles worse?


Whilst a dry complexion doesn’t actually cause wrinkles or make you

looker older than your biological age, skin that is already wrinkled or

has a few fine lines, can look older if your skin is dry.


This is because the crevices in your skin look deeper and your skin

doesn’t have as much ‘spring’ to it when it is dry. Skin that is well

hydrated however, looks plump and moist, de-emphasising the

wrinkles and fine lines, making them shallower and less noticeable.


A good moisturizer can help to plump up your skin and make your

wrinkles and fine lines seem to ‘disappear’, but can’t make them

actually disappear.


How can you reduce your wrinkles?


Clearly, one option is to include a good moisturizer in your daily skin care

routine, as well as making better lifestyle choices and wearing a

protective sunscreen. 


Look for skincare products that include hyaluronic acid to give your skin a

super boost of hydration and powerful antioxidants to reverse the

effects of over-exposure to UV rays. Don’t forget to wear a sunscreen

as well, and you should be well on your way to minimizing wrinkles

and fine lines due to premature aging.




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