Glycolic Acid Facial Serums – My Top 10 Picks

Glycolic Acid Facial Serums - TOP 10 PICKS


Glycolic acid facial serums and peels are an easy and inexpensive addition to your beauty routine, clearing out your pores, reducing fine lines, evening skin tone, smoothing your skin, reducing large pores, increasing circulation to your skin, and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

All of this from one simple serum!

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This glycolic acid serum is not only Amazon’s Choice, but more than 80% of customers have given it a 4 or 5 star rating in online reviews. Glycolic Acid Facial Serum - Top 3 Serums

With 2.5% glycolic acid, willow bark, jojoba beads, kojic acid, olive oil, rosehip oil and tea tree oil, and currently selling for less than $20, this serum is definitely worth while investigating.

Which Glycolic Acid Facial Serums are Best?

With so many different brands selling glycolic acid facial serums, it can be difficult to choose between them all. You could simply make your purchase based on price, online reviews or ingredients, but sometimes that doesn’t work well!

To help you make the best decision for your skin, here are the the Top 10 Glycolic Acid Facial Serums with the best online customer reviews, quality ingredients and all at a good price point.

  1. Body Merry Glycolic Acid Cleanser (2.5%). 
  2. Organica Skin Brightening Glycolic Acid Serum (2%).
  3. Alpha Hydrox Intensive Serum (14%).
  4. QRxLabs Glycolic Acid Gel Face Peel (50%).
  5. Perfect Image Glycolic Acid Facial Gel Peel (50%).
  6. Joyal Beauty Ultimate Brightening Age Defy Serum (1.5%).
  7. OZ Naturals Glycolic Acid Peel (30%).
  8. Paula’s Choice Glycolic Acid Gel Exfoliant (8%).
  9. InstaNatural Glycolic Acid Peel (30%).
  10. DIVINE Glycolic Acid Skin Peel (40%).

Glycolic Acid Facial Serums are an essential part of your beauty and skin care routine, removing dirt and debris from your pores and literally revitalizing your skin in a matter of weeks. If your skin is looking dull and grey, this can be due to a build of of debris and dead skin cells in your pores, which can give your skin a tired and old appearance, as well as creating white heads and black heads.

glycolic acid facial serums revitalize your skinWhilst hydraulic acid serums add vital hydration to your skin and vitamin C serums help to reverse the damage caused by free radicals, glycolic acid serums help to give your skin a cleaner, fresher and more vibrant feel and appearance.

All of these serums also stimulate the production of collagen, so if you include all three serums in your skin care routine, your skin will soon look more youthful and healthier than ever before!

The next step up from glycolic acid facial serums is an at home microdermabrasion treatment, which will quickly and effectively exfoliate your skin. If the glycolic acid serum isn’t giving you the results you had hoped for, then a microdermabrasion treatment might be worth considering.

Here are my Top 10 Recommended Glycolic Acid Facial Serums

1. Body Merry Glycolic Acid Facial Cleanser 

Body Merry Glycolic Acid 2.5 percent anti-aging exfoliating serumWith 2.5% glycolic acid, this is a very gentle exfoliating cleanser that can be used up to twice a week to keep your skin clean and healthy. The Body Merry Anti-Aging Exfoliating Cleanser is a face wash that brightens your skin by removing the build up of debris and dead cells from your skin.

It reduces the size of large pores, clears away blackheads and white heads, decreases excess sebum, stimulates cellular turnover and minimizes age spots, dark spots and sun spots.

Made in the USA, the Body Merry Glycolic Acid Facial Cleanser does not contain parabens or propylene glycol and is cruelty free. Key ingredients include: willow bark, jojoba beads, MSM, kojic acid, rosehip oil and tea tree oils for a deep clean and a nourishing glow.

2. Organica Skin Brightening Glycolic Acid Serum

Organica Skin Brightening Glycolic Acid Serum - alpha hydroxy serumWith 2% glycolic acid this is another gentle exfoliator that will clear away blocked pores, blackheads and white heads, as well as reduce skin discolorations, age spots and sun spots, minimize fine lines and rejuvenate your skin. 

It also contains 10% Vitamin C, Kojic Acid, MSM, Lemon Balm, Jojoba Oil, Licorice, Salicyclic Acid, Witch Hazel and Hyaluronic Acid.

All of this means that you have a serum that is packed with awesome ingredients: antioxidants to reverse the damage to your skin caused by free radicals,  Hyaluronic Acid to super hydrate your skin, MSM to clear away blemishes and lots of soothing and nourishing ingredients as well.

It is made in the USA and doesn’t contain parabens or propylene glycol.

3. Alpha Hydrox Intensive Serum

Alpha Hydrox Intensive Serum 14 percent - glycolic acidIf your skin has started to look dull and tired with blocked pores, blackheads, fine lines and other signs of aging, the Alpha Hydrox Intensive Serum might be your solution. With 10% glycolic acid, this Intensive Serum is packed with antioxidants and is designed to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin.

  • Exfoliates your skin.
  • Reduces fine lines & wrinkles.
  • Minimizes mild pigmentation problems.
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin.
  • Increases cellular activity.

Your skin is left feeling softer and smoother, brighter, clearer and healthier than ever before! Alpha Hydrox does not contain parabens or artificial fragrances and is cruelty free. 

4. QRxLabs Glycolic Acid Gel Face Peel

QRxLabs Glycolic Acid 50 percent Gel Face PeelThe QRxLabs Face Peel is a professional grade glycolic acid gel that contains 50% glycolic acid. This means that you need to be very careful to follow the directions that accompany your purchase to avoid damaging your skin.

These higher grade face peels are designed for people who have found that the more gentle glycolic acid facial serums don’t give them the results they need. Problems such as acne, persistent pigmentation patches or deep blackheads and fine lines, may all be improved by using one of these stronger exfoliants.

This Glycolic Acid Face Peel also contains Chamomile and Green Tea and is free from parabens, artificial fragrances and propylene glycol, made in the USA and is cruelty free.

5. Perfect Image Glycolic Acid Facial Gel Peel

Perfect Image Glycolic Acid Gel peel 50 percentThis well-known company have a reputation for creating top quality skincare products and their glycolic acid facial serums are true to form. With 50% glycolic acid, this is a pretty strong formula, so you need to take great care not to damage your skin. Always follow the instructions that are included in the box to ensure that you have beautiful clear and healthy skin – every time.

Made in the USA under extremely tight quality controls, this peel is full of powerful antioxidants so that it not only clears all of the debris from your skin, but it also helps to reverse free radical damage. Not only that, but with the addition of retinol as well, any mild skin blemishes and acne are whisked away leaving beautiful clear skin!

The result is that fine lines and mild pigmentation problems are minimised, sun spots, age spots and large pores are reduced, collagen is stimulated and cellular activity is given a big boost. Your skin looks healthier, cleaner and more radiant than ever before!

6. Joyal Beauty Ultimate Brightening Age Defy Serum

Joyal Beauty Ultimate Brightening Age Defy Serum - glycolic acidIf you want a really mild and gentle exfoliant, then the Joyal Beauty Age Defy Serum is perfect for your skin. With only 1.5% glycolic acid, this is a great way to introduce your skin to glycolic acid that will smooth and soften your skin, clearing out your pores and giving your skin a lovely healthy glow.

With Aloe for super hydration and cellular repair, Witch Hazel to reduce the excess oil in your skin, Hyaluronic acid to give your skin an even greater boost of hydration, MSM to reduce inflammation and acne, Kojic Acid to brighten your skin, and Licorice to help reverse the damaging effects of UV rays, this is a wonderful serum that will clean, hydrate and smooth your skin.

7. OZ Naturals Glycolic Acid Peel

OZ Naturals Glycolic Acid Peel 30 percentOZ Naturals is another skincare company that manufactures wonderful skincare products that are cruelty free and don’t contain any nasty chemicals. With 30% glycolic acid, this facial serum is fairly strong, so its important that you take care and read the instructions before you use it.

Considered a medium strength chemical peel, OZ Naturals have designed this serum to improve the texture and tone of your skin, reduce fine lines, fade mild acne and skin blemishes and stimulate cellular turnover. It doesn’t contain any other ingredients, as its main function is to exfoliate your skin, remove the built-up debris and blackheads and give your skin a fabulous healthy glow.

8. Paula’s Choice Glycolic Acid Gel Exfoliant

Paula's Choice Gel Exfoliant 8 percent Glycolic AcidWith 8% glycolic acid, Paula’s Choice is another mild glycolic acid gel exfoliant that gently removes all of the junk and debris from your skin. With powerful antioxidants, you also have the additional benefit of reversing the effects of free radical damage to your skin, that is often caused by too much UV light.

Containing chamomile and green tea, any mild skin discolorations or blemishes are minimised, fine lines are reduced, blackheads removed, pores minimised and collagen production stimulated. Your skin is smoother, softer, cleaner, healthier and more radiant!

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9. InstaNatural Glycolic Acid Peel

InstaNatural Glycolic Acid Peel 30 percentWith 30% glycolic acid, the InstaNatural Glycolic Acid peel is one of the best ways to acheive a deep exfoliation that minimises pores, and reduces breakouts, fine lines and other signs of ageing. Its advanced formula is designed to professionally remove all the dirt and debris from your skin to reveal the younger, fresher and healthier skin hidden underneath.

Containing vitamin C, sunflower seed oil and hyaluronic acid, your skin also receives a super boost of hydration, whilst the production of both collagen and elastin are stimulated. Made in the USA, the InstaNatural glycolic acid is not tested on animals and is free from nasty chemicals. Just remember to follow the directions, because this is a fairly strong peel.

10. DIVINE Glycolic Acid Skin Peel

DIVINE Glycolic Acid Skin Peel - 40 percentThe last in my list of Top 10 glycolic acid facial serums is the DIVINE Glycolic Acid Skin Peel, which is a medium strength, professional grade exfoliating peel that contains 40% glycolic acid. It’s designed to revitalize your skin by removing all  the dirt and debris that causes blocked pores and dull looking, aged skin leaving your complexion cleaner, healthier and more radiant.

This peel also stimulates the production of collagen to tighten your skin, reduces pigmentation problems, smooths your skin tone, and minimizes blemishes and acne. It only contains glycolic acid – there are no other ingredients except distilled water, it is cruelty free and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. 

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