YEOUTH Neck Firming Cream

YEOUTH’s new Neck Forming Cream is here at last!

Long awaited, YEOUTH have finally introduced a neck firming cream to their range of skin care products and serums. Currently, their Hyaluronic Acid Serum and their Vitamin C Serums are hot to trot with customers finding few bad words to say about these serums.

So now they have launched their neck firming cream that has been formulated with medical grade ingredients to tighten sagging and loose skin on your neck and decollete area. 

Regular use of the YEOUTH neck forming gel helps to slow the aging process by infusing your skin with powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals, such as green tea and vitamin C.

All YEOUTH products are manufactured in the USA at an FDA compliant facility using natural, vegan, and cruelty free ingredients. If you are not COMPLETELY SATISFIED, simply return your product to the point of sale and you will be given a full refund.

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Ingredients in the YEOUTH neck firming cream

YEOUTH Neck Firming CreamThe YEOUTH neck firming cream is made from a blend of peptides and nourishing ingredients that helps to tighten, tone and smooth the fragile skin over your neck area.

Whilst none of us can expect to look as good as we did in our 20’s forever, there are things we can do and products we can use to keep our skin looking younger and firmer and feeling soft and silky for longer.

The ingredients in the YEOUTH neck forming cream help to restore the elasticity of the skin of your neck, plumping up the collagen and reducing those horrid horizontal lines that make us look much older, well before our time. The three top ingredients in this neck firming cream are green tea, vitamin C and argireline. 

Benefits of green tea 

Green tea is one of the strongest antioxidants on the market, fighting the ravishing effects of free radicals that can cause significant damage to your skin and make you look older than your years.

Green tea has been shown to protect your skin from damage caused by too much exposure to the sun (you still need to wear a sunscreen), reducing sagging skin and minimizing age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. 

Benefits of vitamin C

Another powerful antioxidant, vitamin C works alongside green tea, helping to even out your skin tone, reduce hyper-pigmentation, accelerate cellular turnover, improve hydration and keep you skin looking fresher for longer.

Serums and creams that contain vitamin C are essential for helping our skin look young and healthy, reducing sun spots and fine lines and minimizing all of the aging problems caused by environmental pollution and too much sun.

Benefits of argireline

Argireline contains 3 amino acids that blocks the communication between your facial nerves and muscles. This means that you are less inclined to suffer from fine lines and wrinkles, because this ingredient helps your face to relax.

Whilst its effect is said to be similar to Botox, argireline is a synthetic ingredient that is applied to your skin, rather than being injected like Botox. Since argireline needs to be applied topically, people with very thick or coarse skin might not see the same level of positive results as someone with thinner skin, which is more easily penetrated.

Summing up the new YEOUTH neck firming cream

YEOUTH Neck Firming CreamIf you love the YEOUTH skin care products then you will likely snap this neck firming cream up straight away!

It is new on the market and so there aren’t many online reviews, but since YEOUTH has a 25 year history of pumping out fabulous anti-aging skin care products, this new cream is unlikely to disappoint.

With green tea, vitamin C and argireline, your skin is tightened, smoothed and hydrated for maximum effect. So if your neck area is making you feel older than you feel, you can’t go wrong by including the YEOUTH neck firming cream in your daily beauty routine.

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