Relaxation techniques using essential oils to reduce stress

Relaxation techniques for beautiful skin

Relaxation techniques using essential oils to reduce stress might at first, seem an odd topic for us, but over the years we have found that the more you can reduce your stress, the better your skin. Managing stress isn’t the only remedy for tired, dull looking skin, but it certainly doesn’t do any harm. With less stress in your life, your skin starts to look much brighter, healthier and more radiant, and when you feel better about yourself, you can focus more of your time on reducing the causes of the stress in your life, and stop worrying about the stress itself!

Relaxation techniques do work and they are a well known solution that can help to reduce the amount of stress in your life or at least help you to manage your stress better. How often have you noticed that someone who is happy and stress free (or manages their stress levels well) has beautiful skin? Often it is their healthy complexion that draws your attention and makes you realize that they seem so happy and content in their lives. This brings us back to essential oils, because they are one strategy that can help you to manage the stress in your life. And if you want to get the best out of your essential oils – you need to use a nebulizing diffuser.  

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We love aromatherapy diffusers and whilst you can use the ultrasonic diffusers to help make your room smell heavenly, if you need therapeutic levels of essential oils to help manage your stress – you need a nebulizing diffuser. You will find that aromatherapists and other health professionals recommend using nebulizing diffusers, specifically because they are the only type of aromatherapy diffuser that ensures you receive the full health benefits from your essential oils. 

So let’s take a look at the differences between ultrasonic diffusers and nebulizing diffusers, helping you to understand why the nebulizing diffusers are more suitable for reducing stress. They really are the ideal addition to your repertoire of relaxation techniques to help you manage your stress more effectively!

Ultrasonic diffusers vs nebulizing diffusers

First of all, ultrasonic diffusers need to be filled with water, so that they can create a fine mist of water particles. The essential oils are added in this water and your ultrasonic diffuser sprays a mist of essential oils mixed with water into the air. One of the problems with ultrasonic diffusers however, is that the essential oils are diluted in water, greatly weakening their effects.

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Mixing with water reduces the concentration of the essential oils, simply making your room smell lovely, rather than delivering a therapeutic level of the essential oils. On the other hand, nebulizing diffusers do not require water and they do not dilute the essential oils. They  deliver the full concentration of the essential oils into the air using an atomizer spray, ensuring that you do receive the therapeutic dose you require. 

This makes nebulizing diffusers the perfect addition to the relaxation techniques you might already be using, such as meditation or music, to help manage your stress. Some of the best essential oils for relaxation and managing stress include: lavender, rose, ylang ylang, bergamot, chamomile and frankincense. 

Nebulizing diffusers are generally more expensive than ultrasonic diffusers, but they are a perfect addition to your list of relaxation techniques, as they deliver therapeutic doses of essential oils

Organic Aromas nebulizing diffusers help relieve stress

If you want to add essential oils to your list of relaxation techniques, then Organic Aromas have created their own design of exclusive nebulizing diffusers. Their range includes hand carved diffusers, custom made bespoke laser engraved diffusers and beautiful elegant diffusers. 

Relaxation Techniques – Hand carved nebulizing diffusers

These beautiful hand carved nebulizing diffusers silently diffuse an ultra fine mist of your concentrated essential oils into the air. They don’t heat or dilute the essential oils, so you receive the full concentration of your aromatherapy oils. 

hand carved diffusers - relaxation techniques for stressYou have a volume switch, so you can control the amount of oils that is dispersed into the air – this is important as you don’t want to waste your essential oils. There is also a set cycle of 2 minutes ON and 1 minute OFF, which also helps you to conserve your essential oils, giving you just enough of the oils to help you relax and de-stress. There is also an auto-shut off feature that cuts in at 120 minutes – another saving mechanism, so you don’t waste your essential oils by leaving the diffuser to run until it’s dry.

hand carved nebulizing diffusers - relaxation techniques for stressThese diffusers are hand crafted by master artisans in Bali, Indonesia and they are really works of art that will look wonderful in your home. Exclusive to Organic Aromas, these hand carved nebulizing diffusers make fabulous gifts for yourself and for your friends and family.

Relaxation Techniques – Laser engraved nebulizing diffusers

These lovely nebulizing diffusers can be custom laser engraved to your exact specifications, using your own design or you can purchase one of the laser engraved diffusers from their current range. These laser engraved nebulizing diffusers make wonderful thoughtful gifts for friends and family, because you can give them a bespoke, personalized diffuser just for them.

Laser engraved nebulizing diffusers - great relaxation techniques

All you need to do is to send in an electronic file with print grade graphics with a resolution of 300dpi and you are good to go! Send in one of your own designs or a photo of friends and create a unique and one of a kind diffuser that no one else owns! These nebulizing diffusers have a hand crafted wood base and a lovely custom blown glass reservoir and are sold for a very affordable price.

laser engraved nebulizing diffusers - great relaxation techniquesTheir current range includes anniversary and commemorative diffusers, birthdays and special occasions, branded logos (ideal for clinicians) and specialty themed diffusers – but of course you can design your own bespoke diffuser. Add in a gift of essential oils and you have the makings of the perfect gift for every occasion. 

Relaxation Techniques – Elegant nebulizing diffusers

Organic Aromas design and sell some of the most popular and most effective nebulizing diffusers on the market. Their elegant nebulizing diffusers are hand crafted and made from imported plantation hard wood with an exquisite hand blown glass reservoir and they are unique to Organic Aromas.

radiance nebulizing diffusers - relaxation techniquesThese diffusers look stylish and elegant in your home, giving you not only a beautiful decoration, but also a high quality and very effective nebulizing diffuser. If you want to use essential oils as a relaxation technique, then you absolutely must have a nebulizing diffuser! Elegant nebulizing diffusers - great relaxation techniquesThese diffusers can easily diffuse your essential oils through an area up to 800 sq feet and they work on any electrical outlets (110 or 220V). This means that they are ideal for anyone living outside the US, including Australia, NZ, UK and EU. These nebulizers are reasonably priced, given that they are hand crafted and look absolutely fabulous. So if you are searching for natural relaxation techniques to help reduce your stress and improve your stressed out skin, you can’t go wrong using essential oils with an Aromas Organic nebulizing diffuser. 

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