Serious Skin Care Glycolic Acid Serum Review

Serious skin care glycolic acid serum - alpha hydroxy acid

The Serious Skin Care Glycolic Acid Serum contains 9.8% glycolic acid, so is in the upper level of the low concentration range, but does not need to be washed off and can be left to absorb into your skin.

What does the Serious Skin Care Glycolic Acid Serum do?

This serum helps to exfoliate your skin and bring a natural glow back to your complexion. Along with natural fruit extracts, this glycolic acid serum helps to reduce pigmentation, age spots and sun spots and give your skin a more natural, even tone. Your skin looks healthier, fresher and more youthful.

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Who should use this Glycolic Acid Serum?

Anyone who suffers from blocked pores, acne, tired and dull looking skin or skin that has lots of age spots, dark spots or pigmentation problems will benefit from this serum.

How do you use the Serious Skin Care Glycolic Acid Serum?

After cleansing, smooth on an even, thin layer of the serum, taking care to avoid the eye area. Once absorbed, you can apply a moisturizer, but remember to always wear sunscreen during the day, when using glycolic acid serums. It is recommended to use this serum in the evening and then apply a sunscreen the next morning.

Serious Skin Care Glycolic Acid Serum Ingredients

Bottle with pump dispenser – 1fl oz (30mls)

Serious Skin Care Glycolic Acid Ingredients - alpha hydroxy acid

This serum has lots of ingredients, so I have highlighted a few below:

Benefits of Glycolic acid

Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid, which has amazing exfoliating properties. A serum that contains glycolic acid of around 10% concentration or below, will gently remove the dead cells from your skin, revealing newer, fresher cells underneath. These types of serums can usually be used daily, so long as you r skin is not sensitive to glycolic acid.

Glycolic acid serums are very beneficial to people who suffer from acne, blocked pores or blackheads because the exfoliation unblocks clogged pores and gives you a blemish free complexion.

At concentrations greater than 10% you are moving into the realm of microdermabrasion and skin peeling, which should really be undertaken by trained professionals. This is because your skin can be very sensitive to glycolic acid and become red and irritated if the concentration is too high and if it is applied for too long.

With lower concentrations below 10%, you are able to leave these serums on your skin and let them absorb in, whereas with higher concentrations you need to wash them off your skin or they can do serious harm.

Benefits of Lavender oil

Lavender oil has a wonderful perfume and was used by the Romans in their bath water to soften their skin. With its anti-inflammatory properties, lavender oil helps to reduce redness and inflammation in your skin and is very beneficial for people with dry, flaky skin or acne (as it inhibits the growth of bacteria as well).

Some people are very sensitive to lavender oil and if so, it is best not to use this particular glycolic acid serum. Look for one that does not contain lavender oil.

Benefits of natural fruit extracts

Natural fruit extracts have a lovely fruity smell which is one reason they are added to skin care products. The other reason is because they are chocked full of antioxidants, which help to fight the signs of aging.

So along with the exfoliating benefits of glycolic acid, you also have antioxidants that help to minimize age spots and sun spots, reduce any pigmentation problems caused by free radicals and even out your skin tone.

Serious skin care glycolic acid serum 2 - alpha hydroxy acid serum

Customer reviews

More than 80% of customer reviews gave this alpha hydroxy serum a 4 or 5 star rating. Customers loved the skin brightening effect of this serum, as well as how much smaller their pores appeared and how well their skin discolorations had faded.

None of the customer reviewers gave this serum a one star rating.

You can read more customer reviews here: Serious Skin Care Glycolic Acid Serum – Customer Reviews.

Does the Serious Skin Care Glycolic Acid Serum really work?

Lots of people love this serum and so far, there are no poor reviews. It is extremely well priced and works well. A highly recommended serum.

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