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We have written these youth serum reviews, because we found it hard work and time consuming rummaging through lots of web pages and other youth serum reviews, trying to decide which type of anti-aging serum was best for us. Some of this information isn’t easy to find – making comparisons is ever harder!

So we have set ourselves the task of reviewing as many facial  serums as possible so you can make a much easier decision for yourself.

Read our hyaluronic acid serum reviews here.

Read our vitamin C serum reviews here.

Read our glycolic acid serum reviews here.

What is a serum?

Do you usually use creams or lotions and have no real idea about serums? Well, if you are unsure whether you actually need a serum or not – the main reason you need a facial serum is to help rejuvenate your skin. This is because these serums deeply penetrate your skin, rather than just sitting on top of your skin like regular moisturizers. They deliver added nutrients and antioxidants where they are needed – deep within your skin. 

Youth serum reviews

Moisturizers provide more of a superficial hydration to your skin, so if you really want something that delivers a deeper level of hydration to your skin – you need a facial serum. But what type of Serum? Now you know how effective facial serums are in helping you to reverse the signs of aging in your complexion, you might decide that you want  hydrating serum, but do you understand all of the different ingredients and which ones might be best for your particular needs? You might also want a facial serum that is both affordable and actually works, but how do you choose between them?

Let’s be honest, there are lots of facial oils and serums available, all very similar in their ingredients and in what they claim to do.

Well, you could start by Googling ‘youth serum reviews’ and then ‘top facial serums’, but most of these reviews are regurgitating the brand’s marketing information and won’t provide you with any helpful information.

hyaluronic acid serum - Mature Woman Relaxing Outdoors In Garden

Also, these reviews dodn’t make any comparisons between the different serums, something that to you, might be really helpful in deciding which serum to buy.

That was the idea behind this website – to review each facial serum, and tell you what ingredients they contain – the good and the bad – and let you make the comparisons using our tables. We have collated all the information about each serum in a way that makes sense to us and hopefully to you as well. We have also created comparison tables, so you can easily skim down the tables and select which reviews to read.

Three Categories of Serum Reviews

Currently, I have put together 3 different categories of youth serum reviews

Hyaluronic Acid Serum Reviews

The main ingredient in these serums is Hyaluronic Acid and these serums focus on delivering intense hydration to your skin and boosting collagen, followed by reversing the signs free radical damage. These serums are best for people with very dry skin whose priority is to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and adding definition, with the added benefit of improving the texture, feel and tone of your skin provided by Vitamin C and the other antioxidant ingredients.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum Reviews

Vitamin C Serum Reviews

 The main key ingredient in these serums is Vitamin C, but they also have Hyaluronic Acid and other beneficial ingredients. These serums focus on their antioxidant properties first and their hydrating properties second. These serums are best for people who want to focus on improving the texture and tone of their skin as their main priority, with the added benefit of the super hydrating properties of Hyaluronic Acid a lesser priority. This is why many people include both a Hyaluronic Acid Serum and a Vitamin C Serum in their beauty routines, so they have the best of both serums.

Vitamin C Serum Reviews

Glycolic Acid Serum Reviews

 The main key ingredient in these serums is Glycolic Acid. These may or may not include Hyaluronic Acid amongst their ingredients, but we have included these serums because they have such fabulous exfoliant properties (unclogging pores and removing dirt and debris from your skin) and they make a great addition to your daily facial cleansing routine.

Glycolic Acid Serum Reviews

We will continue to review more anti-aging skincare products and serums over time. So if you are looking for facial serums that work – we hope you find this information useful and that it helps you to decide which facial serums are best for your situation.

Read more about the luscious ingredients in youth serums here.

Please note that we have not been paid to write any of these anti-aging, youth serum reviews, nor have we received any free or discounted samples. Many of the links on our website are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase a serum or other product via one of these links, we will receive a small commission. This commission however, in no way effects the discounted price that you pay for any of these serums.

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