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There are many retailers in the US that do not ship to Australia, which makes it difficult because there are so many fabulous products available in the US stores, that we do not have in Australia.

After all, one of the reasons we buy online is because it is easier than trying to track down products in physical stores and compare prices. With online buying we also have access to lots of great products that are not available in Australia and at a much lower price as well.

In fact, buying hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serums in Australia is very expensive. I mean, when you compare most serums here to the prices in the US, the hike in prices in our southern oceans is truly astonishing.


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So I have put together this shipping guide, because when you shop online it is quite disheartening to find that the product you want is not shipped here.





Yes, international shipping costs money, but prices in the US are so cheap (even with the dollar exchange rate) that adding in the cost of shipping for such small items, still makes these serums much cheaper than buying in Australia (particularly when you buy more than one at a time).

For example, I buy 2 hyaluronic acid with vitamin C serums in one shop and when I add the cost of shipping to Australia, the total cost is around $110 AUD. That’s a lot less than buying similar serums here which cost around $200-$300 AUD each.


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There are a number of companies that help us receive products from the US, when the manufacturer does not ship to Australia.

So I have listed two here that I am comfortable with using. There are other companies that provide this service, but I only want to recommend those that I am happy with myself.

One point to notShipping hyaluronic acid products to Australiae is that not all items can be shipped – some are prohibited and include aerosols, fragrances and toners. Any product that is flammable cannot be shipped.



So far I have not had any problems buying hyaluronic acid with vitamin C serums in the US and having them shipped to Australia, so hopefully that continues to be the case.

So here are the two services I recommend:

PayPal – HopShopGo: This is the service I use and it works very well. HopShopGo is owned by PayPal, so you need to open an account with them if you don’t already have one. All you do is enter your information into their website and then they give you a US address, which you use as the shipping address for your items.

So all you need to do is go to Amazon for example, buy your products, making sure to add this new US address to your account as your shipping address. HopShopGo will notify you once your parcel has arrived at this address and then will ship it over to your Australian address.

cat delivering hyaluronic acid serums


HopShopGo will also hold your parcels for up to 30 days, so you can a bundle different items together – if you are shopping in different places or buying more than one item at a time this is a great saving on shipping costs which is great!





Also, some US stores won’t take Non-US credit cards in payment for products, so HopShopGo also offer a service where they buy the item for you and then you pay them (plus a small fee). I haven’t had to do this yet, so I can’t give you an opinion on this aspect of their service.

Your products arrive between either 3-5 days or 6-8 days after reaching your US address, it depends on whether you want to pay an extra $4.80 for express shipping or not.

For facial serums it costs about $24 for this service (standard shipping), but even when you add this to the cost of the product, it is still cheaper than buying the top selling facial serums in Australia.

Australia Post – ShopMate: New in 2014, I haven’t used this service yet, but I might try it for my next purchases. With Australia Post, it is basically the same process as with PayPal. You create an account, shop and pay for your items, then ship them to a US address. Once there, you pay for the next stage of shipping and 5-8 days later you receive your parcel.

Happy Shopping Everyone!


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