Skincare Mistakes

Is your skin unhealthy?

How many skincare mistakes do you make?

When we are young we tend to take our skin for granted, staying out all night, eating the wrong foods and not using the best products on our face. All of this can create unhealthy, acne prone skin that looks dull, tired, and far too old for our age.

The problem is that the longer we ignore the needs of our skin, the more harm we do and the older we look. If you want to keep your skin looking youthful and healthy for as long as possible, it’s never too late to start taking care of your skin.

So here are five of the lifestyle and skincare mistakes that you need to avoid.

MISTAKE 1: Not washing your face

One of the most common skincare mistakes is not washing your face as often as you should. Often, we are simply too tired to perform our nighttime skincare routine or we simply don’t have one! If you don’t cleanse your skin before you go to bed, it’s going to build up a lot of oil, bacteria and debris, all of which will sit on your face all night long.

This can lead to acne, breakouts and oily, dirty skin with whiteheads and blackheads – not very appealing! The easy solution is to put together a simple night time skincare routine and stick to it, even if you feel too tired. Your skin will be happy and you will have a beautiful clear and healthy complexion, so you will be happy as well.

MISTAKE 2: Your diet is wrong

Whether it’s because you party every night, eat the wrong foods, eat too late at night, drink too much coffee or live in a noisy neighbourhood – a lack of sleep can lead to an unhealthy, tired looking, acne prone skin. The solution is to fix the cause of your tiredness, which might be easier said than done! If you party all the time, then apart from improving your sleep by going to bed earlier and not drinking so much alcohol, your skin will look a lot better and you will save some money!

If you eat the wrong type of foods, eat too late at night or drink too much coffee, then a food review is in order. You already know what foods to avoid and which ones make you feel better, don’t you? The problem is that these skincare mistakes can have a seriously negative effect on your complexion. So avoid foods that don’t have any nutritional value, increase your intake of greens, cut down on coffee and just eat a sensible and healthy diet.

FYI: If your sleep is disturbed due to a noisy environment and you can’t do anything about the noise, then try a sleep sound machine to mask the noise.

MISTAKE 3: You don’t exercise

We all know that we should exercise and most of us should exercise much more than we do! Trying to fit an exercise plan into your day however, can be a big ask. Obviously, you can go to the gym before or after work, but it’s just as easy to go for a 30 minute brisk walk instead, and if you have a dog they will love you!

Another idea to help improve the amount of exercise you do is to purchase a Fitbit because they have lots of great functions, one of which is to count your steps. This allows you to see how many steps you take each day, prompting you to do more if you don’t reached your set goal. It’s a good way of getting in enough exercise without feeling that you are exercising 🙂 

MISTAKE 4: Skipping meals

Another one of the common skincare mistakes is not drinking enough water or skipping meals. We need at least eight good glasses of water each day to keep our cells hydrated, so running on empty can lead to dry, flaky skin. The message here is not to drink other fluids instead of water, but to make sure that you get enough water! So reduce the number of soft drinks, tea and coffee you drink and increase the amount of water.

You also need to stop skipping meals, whether it’s because you are too busy, trying to lose weight or you simply forget. If you find that you aren’t very hungry, just have something small but nutritious, because constantly missing meals can result in unhealthy skin!

MISTAKE 5: Touching your skin!

This can be a difficult habit to break, but constantly touching your skin with unclean hands can quickly transfer a lot of bacteria and dirt to your skin. If you don’t wash your face at the end of the day, it just makes it even worse, because this bacteria stays on your skin, often triggering breakouts.

You only make the situation worse if you pick at your acne, because then you transfer bacteria from your fingers to the rest of your skin – making your acne even worse than it is, which isn’t a good idea! So be aware when you are touching your face or picking at acne and do your best to break the habit.

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