Summer to Autumn Skin Care: Five Must-Have Anti-Aging Products

Transitioning from Summer to Autumn Skin care

As the hot summer nights start to draw to a close, its time to start thinking about transitioning from a summer to an autumn skin care routine. 

The cooler autumn temperatures and lower humidity levels cause your skin to loose some of its moisture, so autumn is all about hydration and repairing any damage caused during summer. It’s also a good time to prepare your skin for the ravages of the cold winter months yet to arrive. 

Autumn Skin care: Rehydration

It’s time to change from your lightweight summer moisturiser, as this won’t provide enough hydration for your skin during autumn. So for your autumn skin care routine, if you’ve been using a lotion, change to a cream and if you’ve been using a lightweight cream, consider a thicker and more nourishing creamy formula. CeraVe moisturising cream with hyaluronic acid is a very affordable moisturising cream that delivers a punch of hydration to your autumn skin.

Autumn Skincare: Cleansing 

As autumn arrives, you need to check that your facial cleanser isn’t too lightweight and doesn’t dry your skin. You want a cleanser that also nourishes your skin, as well as provides lots of hydration.  

summer to autumn skincare tips

For anyone with an oily skin, check out the lusciously wonderful Egg White Pore Foam from Skinfood with selenium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as a complete amino acid profile that deeply penetrates your pores and removes pore-clogging oil and dead skin cells along with blackheads. It also stimulates the growth of collagen cells, improving the skin’s elasticity, suppleness and resilience.

Other options that are ideal for all skin types include the InstaNatural Vitamin C Facial Cleanser with Aloe Vera, Coconut Water, Sugar Cane and Green Tea to rejuvenate, hydrate and reinvigorate your summer skin or the PCA Skin Facial Wash with Lactic Acid, Allantoin, Aloe Vera and Willow Bark  to cleanse, hydrate and sooth your skin.

Autumn Skincare: Exfoliation

During autumn it’s time to cut back on exfoliation, as your skin can become quite dry and flaky. You still need to remove all the dead skin cells and clean out your pores, but look for a gentle exfoliator that doesn’t strip your skin and make it even drier!

Summer to Autumn Skin care tips - Green Tea Facial Scrub by Teami

Check out the Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish, which is vegan friendly and contains Cranberry and Vitamin E or the Green Tea Detox Face Scrub by Teami with Matcha Green Tea, Lemon Grass and Sugar that flushes out toxins to leave your skin soft and supple.

Autumn Skincare: Eye care

Just because the main heat of the year is starting to dissipate and you can finally breath a big sigh of relief – it’s not the time to forget about the delicate skin around your eyes. For your autumn skin care routine, check out the Luxe Natural Eye Gel for irresistible eyes all year round or the Baebody Eye Gel that fights the onset of wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.

Summer to Autumn Skincare - Baebody Eye Cream for Dark Circles

Autumn Skincare: Luscious lips 

Now that the summer heat is waning, your lips might be quite dry, simply due to too much UV exposure during the summer.  Now is the time to put all that to right with some fabulous lip balms that are designed to add oodles of moisture to your lips.

Check out the Maui Sugar Lip Scrub by Hanalei to exfoliate your lips and encourage fresh lush cells to appear, Lip Sleeping Mask by Laneige (the Holy Grail of lip care!) or Lip Revival by Beauty for Real to super-hydrate your lips.

Summer to Autumn Skin care - Beauty For Real Lip Revival Exfoliating and Hydrating Lip Scrub - perfect lip care

Autumn Skincare: SPF

Just because the heat of summer has passed, you shouldn’t disregard the damage that can be caused to your skin by UV rays. A broad spectrum sun blocker is not only important during summer, but all year long, so don’t make an exception in autumn!

You want at least an SPF15, but the higher the better to give your skin the maximum protection from the sun. Don’t forget that the sun damages your skin by creating free radicals that are the main cause of premature aging of your skin.

The best way to prevent this happening is to wear a high SPF block, cover up in the sun (don’t forget a broad rimmed hat) and include lots of antioxidants in your skincare and your diet. Check out the broad spectrum EltaMD SPF46 or the Neutrogena Age Shield Face SPF 110 for super UV protection. Neither of these formulations are greasy or heavy on zinc.

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